When it comes to forming a trucking company there are a lot of questions that come up. Should you operate as a sole-proprietorship? Should you form a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation? How do you name a trucking company? Don’t worry, Wright Lane is here to help you and to answer any and all the questions you may have. We’ll even file all the required paperwork for you.


Wright Lane is proud to partner with Riviera Finance by offering you Immediate Cash for Freight Bills! 

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  • Non-recourse which means credit protection on your customers

  • Free credit checks on your customers

  • Fuel card services

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  • Offices nation-wide

  • 24/7 online account management



Wright Lane looks for the most efficient, cost-effective solutions for your business. We offer products such as DOT decals, magnets and log books that make sure each truck is following regulations.


Did you know over half of DOT applications are filled out incorrectly? This can lead the department to reject your application, costing you time and money as you fill it out again and refile. Meanwhile, your company loses valuable business.

We know what’s necessary for trucking companies in following these regulations, and we get the necessary forms filled out accurately the first time. We ensure everything is in order for you and that all DOT materials are submitted in a timely manner. A DOT safety compliance service can take care of the small details while you look out for the big picture, keeping your trucks moving and on schedule year over year

There are other DOT compliance assistance companies out there. Why choose us? When you employ Wright Lane Compliance Services, you get TRANSPARENCY. You’ll always know exactly what your trucking company needs in order to be in compliance. You will also gain better knowledge of DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards.

We offer you the ability to bundle your services for a custom solution so that you never have to worry if you’re in compliance and up-to-date with your registration.


  • DOT Audit Support

  • Driver Qualification Files

  • DOT Registration

  • Filing Motor Carrier (Operating Authority)

  • BOC3( Designated Processing Agent

  • UCR

  • DOT Physicals

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing 

  • IFTA

  • ELD Compliance